Local Propane Delivery Services Nearby in Kawartha Lakes

We have flexible propane delivery options, including automatic and on-call delivery services. We also offer propane cylinder filling at our Bobcaygeon location, as well as auto-propane and RV filling. 

Our automatic system projects future fuel deliveries based on historical consumption and daily temperature data, while call-in deliveries require the customer to contact us and book a delivery. Remember, we make every effort to ensure you have an adequate supply of oil, however, no one knows your home propane usage better than yourself. If usage or conditions change, you are the best person to monitor your fuel levels.  Many insurance companies require homeowners to monitor their fuel levels as part of their homeowners' responsibilities.

For call-in services, you must contact us with at least 24 hours' notice for weekday deliveries. Weekend delivery may be available during the heating season but cannot be guaranteed. If you allow your tank to run out of propane it could result in a chargeable service call. Contact us for more details on minimum requirements for delivery.

Delivering Propane to Homes, Cottages, and Businesses

Propane is a safe, cost-effective fuel source that can be used to heat your home, cottage, or business and operate appliances, such as fireplaces, furnaces, generators, pool heaters, stoves, and water heaters. When used as a home energy source, propane offers residential users reliability and improved performance while being environmentally-friendly. British Empire Fuels’ team of qualified delivery technicians specialize in providing propane delivery services in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes.

We offer our customers a complete, one-stop solution from automated delivery to tank installation.

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Specializing in Commercial Propane Delivery

If your business is located in our service area, call us today for commercial pricing. We're proud to serve farms, hotels, large service garages, manufacturing plants, marinas, resorts, restaurants, and seniors' homes. 

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Tank Monitor Systems

We have invested in a new propane tank monitor program which allows us and you to keep track of your propane tank levels remotely. The levels are relayed to us and you via an email as well as a mobile app for your phone called Nee-Vo. This app also allows you to see a brief history of fuel usage, propane levels alerts can be customized for your needs and service calls can also be requested. They are used on both propane and oil tanks. The oil tank may have to be checked for a compatible remote ready gauge. If not, a small fee is involved to have a remote ready gauge installed. Call our office for details and pricing. The convenience of knowing your tank levels at a glance and the peace of mind gained with that knowledge is available with the OtoData tank monitor and British Empire Fuels.

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About Propane

Propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refining. This low carbon, clean-burning energy source emits virtually no air pollutants and is safely transported and used across Canada every day. Compared to other fuels, the use of propane helps to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and protect the environment. 

Recognized for its low emissions and environmental impact by Canada’s Alternative Fuels Act, propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile fuels in existence. Propane’s end-use GHG emissions are significantly lower than gasoline, diesel, coal, and heating oil. Propane emits less carbon monoxide than gasoline, less particulate matter than diesel and contains virtually no sulphur – a contributor to acid rain. Burning propane produces lower levels of air toxins than both gasoline and diesel. Propane dissipates quickly into the atmosphere. In addition, propane has an unlimited storage life and is easy to transport.


Emergency Propane Delivery

British Empire Fuels offers our customers emergency propane delivery and 24/7 support. Please call us with your Emergency Service Request.