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The heat and humidity in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes can be intense. If you are trying to cool an entire house with a small window air conditioner or a fan, you are fighting an uphill battle. British Empire Fuels is proud to provide air conditioning services in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes. From maintenance and repair, to purchasing a new air conditioner unit, our qualified technicians will help you find the best solution to suit your needs.

British Empire Fuels provides complete air conditioning care in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes, with annual air conditioner tune-ups, service, and repairs for all makes and models.

All air conditioners purchased and installed by British Empire Fuels receive one complimentary annual maintenance.

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Lennox® Air Conditioners

Lennox® air conditioners are among the quietest and most energy-efficient units on the market. Made with extremely high-quality materials and built to last a lifetime, Lennox® air conditioners are warranty guaranteed. All Lennox® air conditioners are compatible with Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats, which allow you to climate control your home from your phone or tablet.

As a Lennox® Premier Dealer, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best quality Lennox® air conditioner products and installation in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes.

When you buy a central air conditioner through British Empire Fuels, our qualified technicians will install it for you and ensure it is configured to your household.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

This collection is the ultimate expression of Lennox® innovation. These air conditioners are some of the most precise, efficient, and quietest on the market.

Lennox® Elite Series

Elite® Series air conditioners deliver high efficiency and complete comfort. Compared to conventional cooling products, Elite Series can help you save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.

Lennox® Merit Series

The perfect combination of efficiency and economy, air conditioners in the Merit® Series are built with smart designs and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable performance.


Looking for both an air conditioner and a furnace system?

British Empire Fuels offers Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes complete Home Comfort Systems.

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Luxaire® Air Conditioners

Luxaire® is a premium line of high performance air conditioners, with the latest advancements in quiet technology, energy efficiency, and lasting dependability. British Empire Fuels is a licensed Luxaire® dealer, providing high performance air conditioning equipment.

Acclimate™ Variable Capacity Air Conditioners

Acclimate™ split system air conditioners have at least 25% - 50% higher energy efficiency than standard models. Innovative technologies in this ENERGY STAR® models include Charge Smart™, Climate Sync™, and SilentDrive™ making these units the most advanced in Luxaire history.

LX Series Split System Air Conditioners

LX Series split system air conditioners fit your needs with select ENERGY STAR® models that reduce your utility bills, and with MicroChannel Coil Technology that provides more cooling in a smaller footprint.

Other Air Conditioners

We also carry a wide selection of other brands such as Kerr, Weil McLain, Newmac, Honeywell, Lifebreath, Greentek, Enviro, Empire, Schwank, and Bradford-White.

British Empire Fuels provides air conditioner services in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes, offering annual air conditioner tune-ups, service, and repairs for all makes and models.

All air conditioners purchased and installed by British Empire Fuels receive one complimentary annual maintenance.

Home Monitoring Systems

Why are Smart Thermostats becoming so popular?

Regular thermostats act as a control panel for your heating and air conditioning systems and allow you to adjust the temperature in your home. Programmable Thermostats let you set the temperature and adjust it uniquely for each time of day and day of the week.

Smart Thermostats learn from your behaviour and enable you to control the climate in your home remotely, show your energy consumption in real time, and even adjust themselves based on the ambient conditions in your home. In Canada, the climate is subject to quick changes. With a Smart Thermostat you can adjust the heat and humidity levels in your home from anywhere so when you return after a long, cold day, your home is warm and welcoming.

Smart Thermostats help you save money on your energy bill. These thermostats use sensors and Wi-Fi technology to deliver comfort when you're home and savings when you're not. Features like automatic energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts are just some of ways Smart Thermostats help you save on your energy costs. Ask British Empire Fuels about the incentives and rebates available for Smart Thermostats.

British Empire Fuels provides furnace services in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes, including Smart Thermostats from Lennox® and Honeywell for all of your climate control needs.

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Cooling Emergency?

British Empire Fuels offers our customers emergency HVAC services and 24/7 support. Please call us with your Emergency Service Request.