The Right Choice for Fast, Efficient HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

When you are in need of professional, affordable, and reliable HVAC maintenance and repairs, look no further than British Empire Fuels. Families throughout Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes trust us to keep their homes comfortable all year long. Our expert team of technicians is dedicated to providing fast, affordable maintenance and repair services. Don’t take a chance with your air conditioner, furnace, or complete HVAC system and get a quote today!

Maintenance and Repair Services from British Fuels

You don’t want to be caught without a working furnace or boiler throughout the cold winter months, just like you don’t want your air conditioner breaking down during the hot, humid summer months. British Empire Fuels has been Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes trusted choice for more than 70 years. Don’t take chances with your home and trust our experienced team of technicians to have your home’s air conditioner, heat pump, boiler, furnace, or complete HVAC system up and running in no time. Why delay? Get an affordable quote today!

Expert Red Tag Services and Second Opinions

During the cold Winter months, having a properly functioning furnace is incredibly important for just about everyone in Central Ontario. Has your furnace been red flagged by mistake and you want a second opinion? You’ve come to the right place. Our technicians are some of the best in the business and will give you an honest second opinion. If your furnace has been flagged in error, we’ll let you know and if your furnace really is a safety concern, our team will lay out all your options and give you advice on what your next steps should be. Don’t take a chance with your furnace and contact the experts—British Empire Fuels.