(AC) Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lindsay

Air conditioner maintenance is one of the coolest gifts you can give your future self. Save energy. Stay cooler. Prolong your air conditioner’s life.

As Lindsay, Ontario’s most trusted HVAC experts, believe us when we say: the best way to ensure your air conditioner lives a long and strong life is to keep it well-maintained.

A well-maintained air conditioner will work more effectively, use power more efficiently, keep you cooler, and last longer than units that are not maintained.

We advise our Kawartha Lakes customers to have their at-home AC units undergo inspection/maintenance visits on an annual basis. When you call and schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians, here is what to expect:

- Complete inspection. We inspect not only your air conditioner itself, but all components that make up your AC system. This includes elements both inside and outside your home. We want to make sure that everything is clean, free from damage and obstruction, and in good working order.

- Air filter cleaning/replacement. Clean and unobstructed filters help improve the quality and cleanliness of the air circulating in your home when you run your air conditioner.

- Coil cleaning & debris removal. Just existing through the four seasons in Canada is enough to cause dirt and debris to accumulate inside your air conditioner. From dust and particles carried through the air to plant pieces, grass, dirt and other organic matter, the inside of your AC is probably dirtier than you’d think. We remove debris and thoroughly clean the coils, which helps your unit run more safely, effectively and efficiently.

- Coil fin straightening. Bent coil fins block airflow. As part of your annual AC maintenance, we’ll straighten out any bent fins to help the air move smoothly through your unit.

- Refrigerant check and recharge. With every maintenance call, we will check the refrigerant levels in your unit, and will recharge as needed.

Why invest in AC maintenance services from our Lindsay AC specialists? 

First, caring for your unit along the way will help it perform better throughout its life. This means better and more consistent cooling of your home (resulting in a more comfortable living space, which is of course the point of an air conditioner) as well as more efficient operation (resulting in lower energy bills than an uncleaned/unmaintained unit). 

Secondly, it will help avoid AC breakdown (and urgent repair) by preventing bigger issues before they get to the point of disruption.

And third, it will help extend the life of your air conditioner: if you skip annual tune-ups, then buildup, debris, bent fins and other issues will go unchecked, ultimately forcing your air conditioner to work harder every time you use — causing the parts to wear out and requiring a replacement earlier than if you kept it maintained over time.

Contact British Empire Fuels today to schedule a visit from a friendly and experienced Lindsay air conditioning maintenance technician. As a Kawartha Lakes based company, we are proud to live and work in the communities we serve, which also include Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls and Peterborough.

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