We understand the importance and the stresses that can come from maintaining your household budgets and British Empire Fuels offers the following  payment options to  help you manage the costs and enjoy your indoor comfort.



Monthly budget amounts are calculated based on the average litres of fuel used the previous  three heating season and the cost of fuel at the time of calculation which is then divided by 10 or 12 months, whichever the customer prefers.   There is a choice of the 1st or the 15th of a month and payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, post dated cheques, on-line banking or pre-authorized withdrawal from a bank account.(read more)

  1. Customers must have established terms, and in good standing with a zero/credit balance at beginning of season and payments must be made each month to maintain EQB program
  2. Season starts Sept 2016 and first payment must be made in September
  3. Season runs 10 or 12 months, customer dependent.
  4. Fuel tanks must be full at beginning of season (September)
  5. Equal billing payments are to cover fuel invoices only, all other invoices are to be paid upon receipt of invoice.
  6. This authority is to remain in effect until British Empire Fuels Inc. has received notification from you, the customer of its change or   This notification must be received at least ten (10) business days before the next payment is scheduled.
  7. Mid season adjustments to the monthly amount can happen due to unusual weather that causes you to use significantly more or less fuel than estimated, unexpected price changes up or down, major changes in your use of heat and hot water or adding a new appliance.  We watch the balances in early spring and will communicate the appropriate adjustment needed for authorization by the customer.  This will reduce a growing balance or credit by the end of the budget payment period.
  8. You are eligible for a 0.01 cent discount on fuel bills only when this payment option is in place.
  9. A $20.00 fee is charged for returned payments due to non sufficient funds.



The PAD payment option allows British Empire Fuels to automatically withdraw an invoice amount from a bank account.  You still receive your invoicing with notification of when the payment will be withdrawn.   We require a “void” cheque and a form signed to have this option set up.   You will know the exact amount that will be paid from your account and when.  (read more)

Payments will be processed on the 1st and the 15th of each month.  If you receive a delivery from the 1st to the 15th, your payment for the full amount of the delivery will be processed by direct debit from your bank account on the 1st of the following month.  If you receive a delivery from the 16th to the 30th (31st), your payment will be processed by direct debit from your bank account on the 15th of the following month (i.e.: delivery received on September 8th will be directly debited from your bank account on October 1st.)  By signing up for this payment option, you will be eligible for an early payment discount of .01 cent per litre on any fuel deliveries.

A charge of $20.00 is added to any returned payment attempts due to non sufficient funds.




Once you have your British Empire Fuels account number, find us as a payee on your Banking website and set us up.  It is fast and reliable and you can control your payments.(read more)

Bank of Montreal need 6 digits for an account number, so we recommend placing  the appropriate number of zeros in front of the account number when setting it up.  We receive any payments notification within 24- 48 hours and apply them to your account.



British Empire fuels accepts cheques, Mastercard, Visa, Debit cards and cash in the office.  Our friendly staff is here from 8 to 5 Monday to Friday to assist you with any payments and questions you may have.

“GO GREEN” option by allowing us to email invoicing and statements.

For more information, to update your account or to “GO GREEN”, click here to contact us.