Full Delivery & After Hours Emergency Delivery Services Available for delivery of Furnace Oil.

British Empire Fuels is conveniently located at 68 County Rd 36N in Bobcaygeon, supplying metered stove oil and coloured diesel. Coloured Diesel and Stove oil are available on pump during office hours.

We offer automatic deliveries which are set up on a recurring and predetermined schedule. Phone in deliveries require the customer to call when the oil tank gauge reads ¼ to ½. We are in most areas within our delivery area weekly, so the more notice given guarantees a prompt delivery.*
*Some charges may apply.

Off road vehicle fuel, road tax exempt available; any quantity, minimum requirements on delivery, no minimum on fuel pick-up

24/7 Cardlock System for regular gasoline and clear diesel on approved credit is available – Payment terms; Net 15 from statement date. For more information contact us at

PHONE: 705-738-2121
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-472-6006
Fax: 705-738-6346
Email: reachus@britishempirefuels.ca