Lubricant Sales in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes

British Empire Fuels is proud to provide lubricant sales in Kawartha Lakes and Trent Lakes. We carry a full line of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), grease, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and motor oils at competitive prices. We are proud to be a Mobil bulk dealer, supplying every volume from one litre to 200 litres of Mobil grease, motor oils, standard blends, and synthetics.

British Empire Fuels also carries small to bulk quantities of DEF Emissions Fluid, as well as diesel fuel additives.

About Lubricants

With so many different types of lubricants, it is important that you are using the right type for your engine or machine. At British Empire Fuels, our knowledgeable technicians are here to help you determine which lubricant best meets your needs.

Lubricants are an important part of every machine. When the parts of a machine are in motion, they can rub against each other, often with considerable force. Lubricants are used to reduce friction between surfaces, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move.

Lubricants have to work well at a range of temperatures. If temperatures are too cold, lubricants will become harder and more solid, which sometimes means they work less efficiently. This is one of the reasons engines and transmissions are less efficient before they have been properly warmed up. Conversely, if lubricants get too hot, they become thinner and less viscous. This is especially bad news for heavy-duty engines and equipment. Since they work more slowly at high power, they need a thicker, more durable layer of lubrication. The thinner the lubrication becomes, the more likely a machine is to seize up.


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